H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的工巧明: 中國畫作:秋色煙雲

 H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的工巧明: 中國畫作:秋色煙雲

Mist,Clouds,and Autumnal Color

Style: Pomo Weiyun

“Mist, Clouds, and Autumnal Color” is a splash-color painting that conveys a very strong sense of flowing watery ink and colors. An air of power and grandeur expressed through clouds that seem to swallow mountains and waters pervades the entire painting. The natural, captivating charm of this scene is similar to the charm of a scene on the ground after a long, flowing river has just rolled by. This setting is embellished with red maple leaves and houses amid autumnal, cloudy mountains, presenting a wonderful image distinctly characteristic of fall. When carefully examining the watery ink that produced such charm, one can see beautiful areas that are themselves paintings within a painting and details that are hidden within rough brushwork. Even within small areas are subtle variations of darkness and light, of the surreal and the real, all the while embodying splendid charm.
This painting is one of the representative splash-color works that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III created in His youth. It belongs to the “Pomo Weiyun” style of painting. Very tiny signs of charm can be seen amid this large-scale splash-ink painting. Soaring charm and exceptional beauty are words that aptly describe this work. The original version of this painting contains the inscription “Mist, Clouds, and Autumnal Color; Dorje Chang III” and is stamped with the three-dimensional, eight-jewel, gold-inlaid fingerprint seal. There also exists a duplicate that is generally the same as the original. That duplicate contains the inscription “Mist, Clouds, and Autumnal Color; Zhi Wan Yee” but does not contain the fingerprint stamp.


The “Pomo Weiyun” style
Although bold and vigorous hues of watery ink are used, a rich charm is evinced that is both subtle and wonderful.







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